Michelle Warren leads Digital Humanities and Social Engagement

“Many digital humanities projects at Dartmouth have included research that connects emerging technologies to significant social issues in our times, with vast implications well beyond academia,” says Michelle Warren, a professor of comparative literature and the project lead for the digital humanities and social engagement cluster. “With this cluster, Dartmouth will gain further prominence by focusing the creativity of a collaborative research team on some of the most complex questions in the humanities today.”

The academic cluster in digital humanities and social engagement will create a comprehensive mission in digital research at the College. It will delve into complex issues of the social and ethical dimensions of digital technologies, including how to address the digital divide between those with and those without Internet access and the definition of “human” in an age of implantable and wearable computer devices that record every biological function. The cluster will also work to develop digital tools that incorporate the humanities to foster civic engagement.

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A search is now underway for a Distinguished Chair in Digital Humanities and Social Engagement.