Paul Carranza

Lecturer of Spanish

Dr. Carranza's research interests are Spanish medieval and Golden Age literature, Italian Renaissance literature, the Classical tradition, epigraphy and literature.

7A Dartmouth Hall
HB 6072
Spanish and Portuguese
B.A. American University
M.A. University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

“Spanish Literature—Medieval”; “Vega, Lope de.” The Virgil Encyclopedia.  Ed. Richard F. Thomas and Jan M. Ziolkowski, with the assistance of Anna Bonnell-Freidin, Christian Flow, and Michael B. Sullivan.  3 vols.  Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley Blackwell, 2014.

“Voice, Writing, and Echo in the Structure of Garcilaso’s Égloga tercera.”  Calíope 14.1 (2008): 23-46.

“Cipión, Berganza, and the Aesopic Tradition.”  Cervantes 23.1 (2003): 141-63.

“Philosophical Songs: The ‘Song of Iopas’ in the Aeneid and the Francesca Episode in Inferno 5.”  Dante Studies 120 (2002): 35-51.