Dartmouth Journal of Comparative Literature

The Dartmouth Journal of Critical Theory (DJCL) intends to provide opportunity for students in the humanities to advance their understanding and appreciation of critical theory by showcasing student writings and sponsoring discussions on critical theory. In addition to publishing an annual collection of student essays, the Journal will try to sponsor a podcast, lecture series, and panel discussions to increase the prevalence of the humanities at Dartmouth.

For its first volume, the Journal will focus on the topic of "Catastrophe," and will be distributed digitally in mid to late April. Submissions will be of ten to twenty pages in length, comparative in nature, and related to critical theory. Later volumes will discuss different topics based on Journal members' interest. Additionally, members may decide to publish volumes with increasing frequency, such as by releasing a fall issue in addition to the spring issue. 

 As of the current membership numbers, the issue will include enough space for all interested members of the journal to publish their own writing, but depending on future interest, the opportunity to submit may be restricted to essays selected by the managing editors. Furthermore, depending on the Journal's growth, we may expand the journal to solicit contributions from other peer schools.