Art Writing & Writers on Art Winter 2022

Kristin O'Rourke specializes in French art of the late eighteenth and the first half of the nineteenth century, centering on the institutions of the art world (the museum, the Academy, art criticism & the Salon). Her current project focuses on Eugène Delacroix and the transition from Classicism to Romanticism as seen through contemporary critical discourse and posthumous tributes to the artist. Her research interests include: gender studies, art institutions, the development of art criticism, the myth of the artist, the city of Paris, graphic arts and new media in the nineteenth century, impressionism and urbanism, art theory.

Kristin O'Rourke has taught also at Vanderbilt University and the University of Iowa.

Winter 2022
COLT 61.01
Art Writing & Writers on Art
Kristin O'Rourke @ 11 Hour
Distribs: Art & WCult

This course will explore the various modes of writing on and conceiving of artists and the world of "art" in Europe from the early modern to the modern period. Focusing primarily on writers and texts from France, Germany and Italy, we will consider the social and cultural roles of the artist and art works as they were formulated, investigated and reinterpreted from the ancient world to our day.

Alongside this textual evidence, we will look at the genre of the exhibition (the solo show and/or blockbuster), catalogues and reviews and watch films to identify the consistent tropes of the "artist" which continue to be broadcast widely.  Looking at the classical revival and the beginnings of modern art history, the growth of the periodical press and the explosion of art and literary criticism, the growing public sphere for art, the biographical tendency in historical writing, and contemporary films, we will examine a rich body of literary and visual texts on art and artists.

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