Yi works at the intersections of continental philosophy, world literature and global history. Her research re-interprets the terra-centric western history of philosophy from the perspective of the maritime. Yi explores the ocean as both the subject and the medium of inquiry, both metaphor, idea and materiality. By holding up the sea as mirror to western philosophy understood as a form of historicity and coloniality, Yi works toward a hermeneutic method of re-writing the history of philosophy from a non-western and feminist perspective, as a genealogy and archeology of the diluvial.

COLT 49.08 | Winter 2022 | T&TR 10A | No prerequisites | Yi Wu

The sea is a gateway that opens us toward the strange and the unknown. It entices human beings to leave the homeland and discover new territories. This course will examine the various ways in which human beings invent themselves and their communities via encounters with the maritime. Selections will be drawn from the Genesis, Euripides, Cicero, Shakespeare, Melville, Walcott and the theories of Schmitt and Glissant. How do encounters with the maritime form and transform our self- understanding and our relationship with those round us? How does the need to go beyond our territorial boundaries teach us about freedom and the nature of being human? How can the sea change our conception of the political?

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