Dartmouth Journal of Comparative Literature (DJCL) is accepting submissions

The Dartmouth Journal of Comparative Literature (DJCL) is accepting submissions for short-form (under 2,000 words), long-form (between 2,000 and 8,000 words), and multimedia (visual art, data visualization, etc.) pieces for publication on the DJCL website. The DJCL is intended to be a platform for Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate students to present interdisciplinary and transnational critical writing on literature, film, art, and culture.

Pieces submitted for publication on the website by the end of the Spring 2022 term can fall under one of two categories: 1) catastrophe or 2) termly miscellaneous. Works that fall under the category of 'catastrophe' could undertake an analysis of literature/film/art/culture that concerns crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, or war – these are but a few examples and by no means an exhaustive list of possible subjects. Miscellaneous submissions fall outside the termly theme, which for 22 Spring is 'catastrophe'.

All submissions must adhere to the standards of Dartmouth's Academic Honor Principle. The criteria that will be considered for acceptance are:

  1. What is the comparative aspect of the piece? (For example, a piece may compare two or more works of literature/film/art/culture, it may compare two or more theoretical frameworks in the analysis of one or more work[s], or it may make a comparison between different translations of one work.) 
  2. What original argument does the author introduce?
  3. If the piece is submitted under the catastrophe category, what is the catastrophe in question? How does the author define and justify their use of the term 'catastrophe'?
  4. If the piece is multimedia, what literary aspects are present? 

The two managing editors of the DJCL can be contacted by email at: hannah.r.kadin.23@dartmouth.edu and samantha.d.hysa.22@dartmouth.edu if you have questions about submitting a piece and/or are interested in joining the DJCL club.

We look forward to your submissions!