Brook Cosby '00

I was Marianne Hirsch & Irene Kacandes' student, graduating in 2000. I continue to be grateful that I majored in Comparative Literature! I completed an MA in English at UC Santa Barbara in 2003 and relied heavily on my critical theory and close reading background as both graduate student and teaching assistant. I then moved to New York and worked as an editor at Routledge. All the while, I developed a great interest in yoga and Buddhist philosophy, as the ideas that my yoga teachers were citing from ancient Indian and Tibetan texts corresponded alarmingly well with what I had studied in Comp Lit at Dartmouth, namely that reality depends on the label you apply to it and desire is never free from lack. I have taught yoga classes since 2006 and am on faculty with the Conquering Lion Yoga teacher training program. My goal as a yoga teacher is much the same as it was as a Comp Lit student: to give voice to experience, heal from suffering and evolve towards happiness.