COLT 10.20 Revolutionary Genres W19 @ 10 hour/ Eman Morsi

This course is a survey of the main aesthetic trends and genres that rose to prominence in Africa, Asia and Latin America during the Age of National Liberation i.e. the 1940s-1960s. The seminar will explore the relationship between literature, politics and the creation of national identity. Who are “the people” and what does it mean to become a nation? How are nationalism and sovereignty performed in the cultural sphere? What kind of utopian or dystopian worlds did the writers and artists of the time portray? Why did the quotidian and the “everyman” become central to so much of the literature of the time? These are some of the questions that this interdisciplinary course will explore as it surveys the main literary and cultural trends of a period of great sociopolitical and aesthetic influence.

Eman Morsi