Coming to America Spring 2019

Coming to America
COLT 10.21
Professor Gerd Gemünden @ 11 Hour

"Immigrants, we get the job done! " - Thus sings the chorus in the broadway smash-hit Hamilton. Essentially a nation of immigrants, the United States has long been considered a land of opportunity. But what does it take to succeed here? In this course, we study narrtives (memoirs, novels, poems, feature and documentary films, a play, a graphic novel, and a musical) about and by those who came to this country during the last 100 years - be it eagerly, reluctantly, clandestinely, or taken by force against their will. What do these texts have to say about the processes of assimilation and acculturation; about cultural and linguistics translation: about resistance and disobedience; about being accepted or ostracized; about dreams fulfilled and broken?

Please contact Gerd Gemünden with any questions.
Gerd.Gemü[email protected]