Why do we imprison people?

From:    "Dartmouth Now" <[email protected]>

To:      All Students, All Faculty, All StaffSubject: Quote of the Day: Margaret Williamson "It is time to rethink the fundamental question of why we imprison people," says Margaret Williamson, an associate professor of classics and of comparative literature, in a "San Francisco Chronicle" opinion piece about the American prison system. Read more at: https://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/openforum/article/Time-to-rethink-jailing-the-poor-6305121.php?t=58e4f9dcd0a660561d&cmpid=email-premiumMargaret Williamson is a professor of comparative literature and classics at Dartmouth College. She wrote this commentary for the Op-Ed Project, a social venture to increase the range of voices we hear.