Graduate Alumni Stories

Filippo Trentin, Adv '08

Filippo Trentin, Adv '08 is at the University of Warwick, where he is working on his Ph.D and is a Part-time Teacher. His research interests include: Modernity and Postmodernity, Pier Paolo Pasolini, 20th Century Italian Culture, Testimony and Trauma, and Representation of Cities.

Judith Rauscher, Adv '10

Judith Rauscher, Adv '10 went back to Germany where she finished a second MA degree in American Literature in spring 2012. Currently, she is a part-time teacher at the American Studies department of the University of Bamberg in Germany and working toward a PhD in American Literature.

In March 2012 she wrote: I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity of studying at Dartmouth, not only for everything I learned, but also for every single amazing person I met. Being in the Dartmouth MA program set me on a path and equipped me with what I needed to follow it.

Andrea Seubert, Adv '09

My time at Dartmouth and especially in the Complit Masters Program enabled me to not only mature as a person but also deepen my interest in worldwide migration movements. I enjoyed to get in touch with various interesting persons, the inspiring and encouraging academic environment at Dartmouth and working with excellent professors such as my thesis advisors Yuliya Komska and Irene Kacandes

Daniela Vasquez, Adv '10

As an undergraduate I enjoyed exploring different disciplines in the process of fulfilling my distributive requirements.  I had many different interests and I wasn't sure how I could pull them all together.  I decided to do the Masters in Comparative Literature because all of the classes listed and the projects purposed were interdisciplinary.  I finally found an outlet for my love of languages and knowledge!  Working in my Masters year with different language departments I learned of opportunities to live abroad.  Currently I am taking advantage of one of those programs through an assistantship with the Language study abroad programs in Rome, Italy.  More than anything COLT has inspired me to strive always to combine my interests and to find connections that are no always obvious to others!

Thomas Wisniewski, Adv ’09

The wonderful community of scholars at Dartmouth and the A.M. in Comparative Literature gave me exactly the excellent training I needed to pursue a Ph.D. in the field. I'm now a graduate student at Harvard University planning for an academic career and studying that which I hold most dear: literature and music.

Kathrin Spiller ’10

I have to say that the year of the Masters was a wonderful time. I've met so many great people and I am still stunned by the amazing academic environment that surrounded the program. Dartmouth itself is a wonderful place but the Comp Lit people were just unbelievable. The administrators were always there for us, the professors were also always available and you never got the feeling that there would be no one to ask for advice. I also loved to get the chance to meet Judith Butler, Homi Bhabha and Anne McClintock - something I never thought possible! I greatly miss my time as a Comp Lit Masters Student and only have fond memories of the program and all its wonderful people!!!