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  • "For me it was a life choice, not a career choice. I chose Comp Lit because it allowed me to delve into all the Big Questions; because it was explicitly multi-lingual and multi-cultural; because I could include anthropology, political philosophy, psychology, and religion courses in my program; because it was the edgiest of the humanities at the time. All those interests remain as intensely alive as they were then, though more have come along — art history, architecture, urban planning,...

  • "Education comes of course from the Latin “to lead out of darkness” into the light of the truth, which is exactly what the original Comparative Literature Department did."
    In the 1960’s, inspired by Professor Scott Craig and Professor John Rassias, I signed on for a relatively new honors major entitled Comparative Literature, with the purpose of concentrating on contemporary French, German and American poetry. Besides the opportunity of studying at Cambridge University, University of...

  • After completing her M.A. in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth, Genevieve went on to spend a year teaching English in France and will be beginning a PhD in Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern University in the Fall '08.

    Genevieve credits her experience at Dartmouth with helping her reflect on and develop her own position on what "comparative literature" means.  She's grateful to the various faculty and staff at Dartmouth who helped her find this sense of direction, which in...

  • I am currently living in Indiana with my husband of two years, Adam.  I use my Comparative Literature degree every day, by helping children to value reading and writing, as well as high quality literature and poetry.  The research and writing skills I gained at Dartmouth--especially the ability to organize and edit my writing--have been enormously useful in writing grants and articles, and creating programming.  I've found that having the name "Dartmouth" on my resume has opened many doors...

  • My MA thesis is going to be published later this year by Cambridge Scholars Publishing Newcastle UK. It will be in a compilation of essays entitled: "REVOLUTIONS: Mapping Culture, Community and Change.

    July 2009, Duncan is at UCLA getting his PhD in Comparative Literature.

  • Todd Foley, '07, is in the Ph.D. Program at NYU in East Asian Studies.

  • began working as a social worker in a program for pregnant families in downtown Kingston, New York. With the Spanish she practiced at Dartmouth, she works with Kingston's large population of undocumented immigrants. With the critical theory she practiced at Dartmouth, she connects her work to issues of race, class, and the development of gender in the modern urban landscape. Kate hopes to enroll in a PhD program next fall in Latin American Studies.