About the MA Program

For over twenty years, Dartmouth's Comparative Literature Program has attracted some of the best undergraduates to the comparative study of literature and culture. More than fifty faculty members from different departments participate actively in the Program. Dartmouth combines a national leadership role in intensive language education with a renowned literature faculty and impressive library strengths. Dartmouth is thus uniquely placed to train M.A. candidates in foreign languages, literary theory, and practical scholarship.

The aim of Dartmouth's one-year Masters Program is to provide the tools necessary for Ph.D. study or for careers in teaching and international studies. Each student's program of study is individually designed in consultation with a faculty advisor. The curriculum stresses intensive language study, broad-based theory and methodology courses, research tools, directed independent work, and pedagogical training. It is designed to consolidate and deepen students' undergraduate research experience and to provide the necessary background for advanced scholarly work.

Irene Kacandes is the MA Graduate Advisor for 2018/19 

Antonio Gomez will be the MA Graduate Advisor for 2019/20

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(Deadline: January 15, 2019)

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