About the MA Program

Rebecca Biron will be the MA Graduate director in 2024/2025 and 2025/2026

For over twenty years, Dartmouth's Comparative Literature Program has been a welcoming, nourishing, and intellectually stimulating place for the comparative study of literatures and cultures. Our fully funded program is limited to 10-12 students.  We have more than twenty five faculty, some directly affiliated with the Program and others at home in a variety of humanities departments and interdisciplinary clusters, who teach and mentor in the Program to create the support system for which we are known.

Our graduate students' learning, reading, and research also benefit from Dartmouth's internationally renowned intensive language education and the College's library (and, in some cases, rare library) holdings and its extensive and efficient interlibrary book-borrowing channels. One of the librarians teaches in the Program and works closely with the graduate students to help them develop their projects and understand the available resources better. The Director of Graduate Studies accompanies all students through the year and, in consultation with the faculty mentors, helps each student design their study plan and fields their questions.

The program aims to introduce you to graduate education and advanced scholarly work through application-focused courses on theory and methods and basic pedagogical training, to deepen and broaden your personal interests, and to let you learn something about yourself in the process. Some of our alumni decide to pursue advanced graduate degrees, while others find jobs outside the academy. We support you with all your applications and run professional development workshops to help you map the wide horizons of the professional world connected to the comparative study of literatures and cultures. Last but not least, we pride ourselves on offering equal financial support to all admitted applicants and on fostering solidary and collegial relationships within each cohort.


COLT MA Program Learning Goals 


  • Developing abilities to incorporate primary resources from multiple languages/cultures/historical periods into original research 
  • training in the analysis and application of literary theory and methodology 
  • nurturing student abilities in identifying and interpreting primary sources of all kinds 
  • coaching in the art of writing creative and critical analyses of primary sources from the comparative perspective 
  • training in effective oral presentation of original research 
  • providing pre-professional training in teaching and discussion-leading at the university level 

Comparative Literature M.A. Essays

Dartmouth Digital Commons (DDC) is a publishing platform and repository for scholarly, research, and educational outputs created by the faculty, staff, and students of Dartmouth. Here you can find journal articles, conference papers, and other materials published by faculty and staff. DDC also hosts theses and dissertations, student publications, and more.

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