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  • I'm writing from Santa Fe, NM, where I'm spring breaking. After a while in Seattle, I moved back to Denver, where I've been working as an instructor at a community college. In the fall, I'm starting a PhD program in Spanish at the University of Michigan. I headed out to visit a few weeks ago and fell in love with Ann Arbor, and the program. I can't wait to start! The plan is to keep asking questions about narrative, art and the political imagination in Latin America. I'm also cooking up a...

  • I am in the first year of a Ph.D. in German at UC Berkeley, where I am slowly focusing in on the intersections between Norwegian and Italian plays of ideas and German novels of ideas. But these are still early stages of that very long-term project, and so most of all I am learning languages, doing coursework, attending or organizing departmental events, and gearing up to begin teaching German next year.


  • David Peters is living in Seattle, Washington. He is working as an editor for Topside Press, which is a small book press that publishes the work of feminist and transgender authors.

  • Merve Tabur is a first year Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature at Penn State. Her research focuses on contemporary Turkish and Egyptian fiction, visual and popular culture in the Middle East and transnational feminism. She also translates academic works between English and Turkish.

  • Iryna Shuvalova has recently published two new collections of original poems in Ukrainian, Os and Az. Her translations from Ukrainian appeared in Words Without Borders in August 2014, and her translations of a number of poems by Sergei Chegra have been accepted for publication by Modern Poetry in Translation. Her poems, which previously had appeared in seven other languages, have been recently translated into Czech...

  • Theory in Dispute Series
    Neil Larsen, UC Davis
    Towards a Critical Theory of 'Theory'
    Respondent: Amy Allen, Dartmouth
    Wednesday, April 29 2015
    Reed Hall, room 108, 4:15 pm
    This event is free and open to the public!

    To read the paper before the event please click on this link.

    Neil Larsen (1952 -  ) is a Professor at the University of...

  • What does it mean to be part of a family? Why do kinship bonds
    continue to structure the nature of our everyday lives? This course
    will explore the intersections of literary and familial structures in
    social and psychological contexts. It will explore what it means to be
    part of a family (or not) by focusing on literature and film from diverse
    literary traditions, and from multiple points of view. We will begin by
    examining patriarchal hegemony and its...

  • This past month, passers-by in the streets of Cuzco, Peru, saw double. For the city-wide exhibit El Cusco de Martín Chambi, 32 images of the city taken by world-renowned indigenous photographer Martín Chambi early in the 20th century were enlarged and set up around the city—“in the very spaces and whenever possible from the very angles where Martín Chambi took them,” says Silvia Spitta, a professor of Spanish and of comparative literature and the Robert E. Maxwell 1923 Professor of Arts and...

  • This week, VPR’s “Conversation On the Arts” focuses on the popularity of memoirs. The program’s host, Neal Charnoff, turns to Dartmouth’s Irene Kacandes for her thoughts on the genre.

    Kacandes, a professor of German studies and of comparative literature, says that most experts date the recent boom in memoirs back to the 1990s, when books such as Girl Interrupted, Angela’s Ashes, and Tuesdays With Morrie were so popular.

    While there are critics of memoirs, Kacandes appreciates...

  • Ben Randolph ’15, has been named a Beinecke Scholar, one of 20 college juniors nationally. The award, which supports the “graduate education of young men and women of exceptional promise,” provides $4,000 prior to entering graduate school and an additional $30,000 while attending graduate school.

    Randolph, a comparative literature major from Louisville, Ky., plans to enter an interdisciplinary PhD program, concentrating on critical, theoretical approaches to literature and society....