Graduate Alumni Stories

Genevieve Amaral '07

After completing her M.A. in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth, Genevieve went on to spend a year teaching English in France and will be beginning a PhD in Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern University in the Fall '08.

Genevieve credits her experience at Dartmouth with helping her reflect on and develop her own position on what "comparative literature" means.  She's grateful to the various faculty and staff at Dartmouth who helped her find this sense of direction, which in turn helped her select and apply to graduate schools and has given her a sense of her relation to academia, something which can be difficult to establish on one's own.

Kate Paarlberg '07

began working as a social worker in a program for pregnant families in downtown Kingston, New York. With the Spanish she practiced at Dartmouth, she works with Kingston's large population of undocumented immigrants. With the critical theory she practiced at Dartmouth, she connects her work to issues of race, class, and the development of gender in the modern urban landscape. Kate hopes to enroll in a PhD program next fall in Latin American Studies.

Duncan Yoon '07

My MA thesis is going to be published later this year by Cambridge Scholars Publishing Newcastle UK. It will be in a compilation of essays entitled: "REVOLUTIONS: Mapping Culture, Community and Change.

July 2009, Duncan is at UCLA getting his PhD in Comparative Literature.