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  • Welcome Yi Wu!

    Yi Wu is a post-doctoral fellow at Dartmouth College, Society of Fellows for the Comparative Literature Program.

    Yi Wu
  • Faculty Recognition

    Congratulations Lawrence Kritzman, Gerd Gemünden, Lynn Higgins, and Philippe Carrard.

    colt faculty recognition
  • Yuliya Komska Receives Public Humanities Grant

    Yuliya Komska will put on a series of local and national events for schoolchildren focused on the work of Margret Rey and H.A. Rey, the authors of the Curious George series of childrens' books.

  • Bruno Carvalho '04

    Professor Bruno Carvalho, Harvard University works on cities as lived and imagined spaces. He studies relationships between cultural practices and urbanization, specializing on Brazil from the eighteenth century onward. Carvalho's interdisciplinary approaches bridge history, literary analysis, and urban studies. At Harvard, Carvalho is Co-Director of the Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative, a member of the Faculty Advisory Committees on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights, and in the Brazil Studies Program, as well as a Faculty Affiliate of the Afro-Latin American Research Institute, the Center for the Environment, the Graduate School of Design, and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He recently published The Amazon Will Soon Burn Again, New York Times, May 27, 2020

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  • The Amazon Will Soon Burn Again

    Professor Bruno Carvalho COLT Major, D'04, Harvard University publishes in NY Times. He is a historian specializing in urbanization.

    Mura Tribe
  • RMS Statement Endorsed by Comparative Literature

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made it clear that we have to think and act transformatively about race, oppression, and inequality in the U.S., especially in moments of crisis. His words are quoted at rallies and marches across the nation, and they are powerful.

    Martin Luther King

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  • Leaks, Hacks, and Scandals Arab Culture in the Digital Age

    Tarek El-Ariss

    Princeton University Press , December 2019

  • What It Takes to Win in the Fairy Tale: Trickster Heroes in 'The Boy Steals the Ogre's Treasure

    Cambridge Companion to the Fairy Tale. Ed. Maria Tatar. New York: Cambridge UP, forthcoming

  • Postcolonial Hauntologies: African Women’s Discourses of the Female Body

    Ayo A. Coly

    University of Nebreska Press June 2019


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