For brief descriptions of courses and scheduled instructors, please consult the official Dartmouth Course Descriptions and Requirements published by the Office of the Registrar.  For detailed information about the terms and times that courses will be offered, the most reliable source is the Timetable of Class Meetings on the Registrar's site.


Fall Courses

COLT 100: Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory

Open to M.A. candidates only.

Fall 2023: Risam, 3A

Fall 2024: Risam, TBD

COLT 102: Tutorial

Open to M.A. candidates only.

COLT 700 - Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research

This course encourages inquiry into what constitutes the responsible and ethical conduct of research. We will consider, on one level, the ethical questions inherent in the choices we make about what we study and research, how, and why. On another level, we will consider the broader values and expectations, at institutional, economic, or societal levels, that drive scholarship, and question whether these factors encourage or challenge ethical decision-making.

  • Fall 2023: Baron, 3A, Thursdays
  • Fall 2024: Baron, 3A, Thursdays

Winter Courses

COLT 101: Topics in Comparative Literature

COLT 103: Graduate Seminar


Spring Courses

COLT 105: Workshop in Critical Writing