Major Options

Comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary major for students wishing to work in more than one language, literature, and culture. Courses foster the study of relationships between specific literary and cultural traditions as well as other areas of knowledge -- such as the visual arts, the sciences, philosophy, history, government, economics, religion, geography, anthropology, and music.

COLT Major

The major is administered by the Comparative Literature Steering Committee. Students design their major plan in consultation with an advisor and the Chair, and must fill out an application form, available on the COLT website, describing their major, as well as the online declaration on DartWorks.  All applications to the major must be approved by the Steering Committee. Major cards can be signed only by the Chair. Students interested in becoming majors should consult the Chair well in advance of their intended declaration of a major. 

Prerequisite for the major: COLT 001 or any from among the COLT 10's. 

Required courses: any from among the COLT 72's, COLT 85, and, for honors majors writing a thesis only, COLT 87

COLT 85 (Senior Seminar) is required to fulfill the culminating experience requirement for students who do not meet the honor requirements, and COLT 85 and COLT 87 (Thesis Tutorial) for students meeting honors requirements. 

Major Requirements:

Students have two options for structuring their additional eight courses:

A. Comparative study of literature and culture in two languages.
This typically includes 2-4 Comparative Literature courses above COLT10, fluency in one language (3-4 upper-level courses, normally not English), and competence in a second language (1-2 upper level courses). When filling out the major forms any attachments please upload them as a separate document.

Option A Worksheet.pdf

B. Comparative study of literature and culture in one language (normally not English) and one other non-literary discipline (e.g. music, film, art, history, geography, physics, etc.).

This typically includes 2-4 Comparative Literature courses above COLT10, fluency in one language (3-4 upper-level courses), and substantive preparation in a non-literary discipline (3-4 upper level courses).

Option B Worksheet.pdf

Honors Program

Major Options

Students who wish to pursue serious independent research are invited to apply for Honors in Comparative Literature.

Eligibility: Junior standing; 3.3 GPA in the major; satisfy the minimum College requirements for Honors.

Application: Includes a research proposal approved by two supporting faculty members who agree to advise the project. Application is normally made at the end of junior year, with a revised research plan submitted at the beginning of senior year.

Honors Thesis Timeline