Past Theses


  • Elise S. Wien. Third Night: An Original Play with Dramaturgical Analysis


  • Sarah Foster. Civil Contracts And Archival Curation: The Photography of Rolf Blomberg in Equador
  • Matthew Greene. Fragmented Knowledge: The Riddle of Unknowability in Kafka's "In Unserer Synagoge" And "Die Sorge Des Hausvaters"
  • Yucheng Li. "She Must Stand There For The Present:" The Tunneling Process And The Use of Memories in Mrs. Dalloway
  • Andrew Molboski. Lying On The Stove: The Durak And Subversion In 19th Century Russian Literature
  • Asli Özyenginer. Impossible Returns: Problematics Of Belonging In Turkish Cinema
  • Huanming Pan. "The Vertu Of The Ryng;" Understanding Language In The Squires Tale
  • Xavier Sawada. "As Seen From Inside the Building;" Space and Work Ethics in Giants and Toys
  • Danielle Smith. Geheime Gedichte, Секретные Стихи: The Role of Translation In International Samizdat Networks
  • Yingnan Shang. The Inability Of Maps: Eclectic Atlases In Kai-Cheung Dung's Novel Atlas: The Archaeology Of An Imaginary City
  • Qingyu Wang. Crisis of Signs: The Christ-Child Image In The Croxton Play Of The Sacrament
  • Shannon Welch. Disappointed Dreamers: Ethnic Hegemony and Patriarchy In "Natsuyo" and Sonhos Bloqueados


  • Benjamin Randolph. Toward a Decolonial Critical Theory
  • Gabriela Josebachvili. The Stories They Tell: Fictional Representations of the Spanish Civil War
  • Paul C. Chang. Entering the Mind of a Genius: Yi Sang
  • Tom Owen. Spatial Fictions: Contemporary Representations and Theorizations of Urban Space


  • Chanon Praepipatmongkol. Insufficient Utopias: The Politics of Participatory Art from Post-1997 Thailand
  • Krista Oehlke. Writing Art in Latin America: The Spectacular Society and Movie Stars in Cortázar and Puig
  • Andrew Huh. Intellectual Masculinity and Masculine Intellectuals
  • Alexis Monroe. "Abstract Painting is Abstract": A Semiotic Analysis of Abstraction in Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art


  • Hilary C. Krutt. The Tensions of Literary Space: Janet Flanner's New York, Colette's Provinces, and the Paris They Shared
  • Maxwell A. Moran. Hunting the Spanish Civil War: An Exploration of the "Human" and the "Animal" in Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls and Carlos Saura's La Caza
  • Madeline L. Sims. Crafting a New Political and Social History: A Study of Christine de Pizan
  • Renee L. Phillip. The Ideal of Hybridity: Rethinking the Theory within the Context of Albert Camus, José Luandino Vieira and their Selected Works


  • Rahul Malik. William Methwold and the Great Palaces of Europe
  • Wallace Jones. Debilitating Dichotomies: The Fragmented Nationalist Endeavor of the Gaucho Literary Genre
  • Cannon Biggs. Paradoxes of the Postwar Body in The Face of Another
  • Matthew Rodriguez. On the Threshold of the Archive: The Madeleine and the Bartlett Pears
  • Therese Korndorf. Überzähliges Dasein: Language and Being in the Poetry of Rilke and Mallarmé


  • Alexander J. Lambrow. Revolutionary Late-Weimar Objectivity and the "State of Exception"
  • Emily K. Kane. Unveiled Stories: Desire, Representation and Resistance in Feminist Counter-Cinema
  • Abigail R. Alexander. Adventures in Writing: Extraordinary Voyages with E.A. Poe and J.Verne
  • Hermanjit S. Bajwa. Into the Cave with the Marquis de Sade: From Degradation to Translation
  • Maya C. Nathan. Nisi Vinceris: Parody and Intertextuality in Titus Andronicus


  • Ying Cheng. Narratives of the Desiring Subject: An Analysis of Gender,  Desire and Agency in Marguerite Duras' The Love and Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
  • Amaury Boscio Colon. Four Authors in Quest of Utopia: Cortazar, Duras, Carpentier, Perec
  • Silvia Ferreira.  Resistance from Within:  Literary Negotiations of Female Identity in the Space of the Postcolonial Home
  • Alexander Fidel. In No Unmediated Terms: History, Memory, and Representation in MAUS and W ou le Souvenir d'Enfance
  • Andrew Gates. Being and Beauty: Mystical Experience and Poetic Self-Affirmation
  • Kirby Liu. The Cities of St. Petersburg
  • Annabel Seymour. The Passionate Spectator: Cinematic ‘Flânerie’ in  Bennett Miller's The Cruise and Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin's Chronique d'un Été
  • Marisa Taney. Utopia and Revolution