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  • Holy Digital Grail in the News

    Professor Michelle Warren shares insights from her book 'Holy Digital Grail: A Medieval Book on the Internet' in a podcast and blog, Michelle R. Warren is Professor of Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College. Congratulations!

    Holy Grail Michelle Warren
  • Annual Hoffman Lecture

    Literature in Late Mono/lingualism, David Gramling, University of British Columbia, Vancover, Canada, Carson L01, 5:00 pm. Free and open to the public.

    david gramling
  • Welcome Roopika Risam

    Roopika Risam will be joining Dartmouth College teaching courses in Film Studies and Comparative Literature Program fall 2022.

    Roopika Risam
  • Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism

    Tom Abi-Samra's translation was published in the journal Meridians. This article is in two parts. The first part provides an overview of the life of the Egyptian feminist Doria Shafik and the second part consists of translations from the Arabic of four editorials that Shafik wrote in her feminist magazine Bint al-Nīl.

    Meridians by Tom Abi Samra
  • New Poetry From Ukraine by Iryna Shuvalova

    Being a Ukrainian abroad and being a Ukrainian at home today represent two different kinds of pain. Iryna Shuvalova '14, a Ukrainian poet and literature scholar, traveled from her native Kyiv to China, where she works as a college counselor, as tanks began to appear on Ukraine's borders.

    Iryna Shuvalova

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