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  • After graduating from Dartmouth in 2003, I entered the Ph. D. program in comparative literature at UC Berkeley. Majoring in comparative literature under wonderful mentors (Lawrence Kritzman, Laurence Davies, Amy Hollywood, Irene Kacandes, John Kopper) gave me a firm foundation to pursue graduate study. The rigorous linguistic training promoted by the comparative literature program lent me the confidence necessary to learn three new languages - Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese - and also...

  • Dartmouth was great for two things. First, of course, working with Monika Otter was a pleasure, and I feel fortunate to remain her friend and colleague. Her work has influenced my own scholarship in countless ways. The second was that it helped me realize how much of a comparatist I am: although I'm housed at an English department, my weird interests often drive me away from English (and England). (I should probably add a third one: I miss Baker Library enormously).

  • The COLT major was a means to acquire fluency in two European languages, to conduct research in France, Germany, North Africa and the Middle East, and to form lasting friendships in all of those places. His phenomenal advisor Veronika Fuechtner and the program's rigorous classes with challenging peers helped to sharpen his writing and presentation skills. These skills, in turn, led to three postgraduate research fellowships and several publications, including a chapter of his B.A. thesis....

  • It was through the comparative literature program that Dartmouth earned for me its reputation as one of the best undergraduate colleges in the world and as home to the country's most superb teacher-scholars. The amount of personal, one-to-one contact with professors that I was afforded, both inside and outside the classroom, was and still is unparalleled. I felt for the first time that my professors viewed me not as a mere student but as a young scholar, as a participant in the grand...

  • I am a 2010 graduate of the COLT program at Dartmouth, and received a Fulbright grant to spend the 2010-11 academic year teaching English and studying in Germany. I am currently living in Dresden, where I work in a secondary school and pursue courses in history and literature at the local Technische Universität. In the following years, I plan to return to the United States, to earn a Ph.D. in German Studies. Without the preparation afforded me by the COLT program at Dartmouth, I would very...

  • I graduated in 2001. I spent two years working as a grant writer at an educational and leadership development not-for-profit called Prep for Prep. Thereafter I went to law school and am currently practicing as a tax and estate planning lawyer in New York; I use the writing skills developed at Dartmouth every day. I've also continued to travel when I can and in recent years have gotten back to Italy as well as to Macchu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Japan and China.

  • After finishing the MA and working with the Rassias Foundation for a summer, I was hired as a French Lecturer at Baylor University.  I am currently enrolled in Stanford's PhD program in French.

  • Marisa Taney, '09, (wrote on March 10, 2010 while in Argentina)

    I love it here, wish I could stay forever, am working really hard but having a great experience.  Coming back to the states in June to go to Law School.  I got into Harvard, Duke, and NYU so I'll be at one of those places!

    On April 28, 2010, Marisa let us know she has decided to go to Harvard Law.  Good luck, Marisa!

  • A 2006 and 2007 graduate of Dartmouth College with a Masters in Comparative Literature, Christina M. Stoltz is a sexual/domestic violence and human trafficking specialist who works as both a shelter coordinator and a crisis intervention advocate in the United States, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan to implement crisis center reforms, to develop safe-house programs, and to organize international relief efforts.  Having served in administrative, research, and direct-service capacities at various crisis...

  • Since graduating from the COLT Master's program in 2008, I have done several things. Immediately afterwards, I attended Middlebury's Summer Language Schools where I studied Portuguese after receiving the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Fellowship for Peace. Later, I taught English in Mexico, served as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Young Democrats Abroad of Mexico City, and survived swine flu thanks to good friends and a stock of masks. More recently, I accepted a position as a Junior Specialist (...