Cecily Garber '03

"My more general experience as a comp lit at Dartmouth major has been invaluable in preparing me for academic work; writing the thesis was an especial boon. Looking back, I am amazed by the amount and degree of personalized attention I received there. I am sure it has given me a leg up in later studies, particularly in a place like London, where so much of the coursework is "hands off."

In London I completed a Masters in "National and International Literatures in English," meaning more or less postcolonial literature, which was the focus of my major at Dartmouth. While I enjoyed the year of coursework, I decided I wanted to turn to British modernism for my thesis, which is the focus I'm currently pursuing at Illinois. While I've sadly not been able to keep up the foreign language skills central to my BA, I am glad that I pursued them while I could as an undergraduate.