Aaron J. Schlosser ’07

It was through the comparative literature program that Dartmouth earned for me its reputation as one of the best undergraduate colleges in the world and as home to the country's most superb teacher-scholars. The amount of personal, one-to-one contact with professors that I was afforded, both inside and outside the classroom, was and still is unparalleled. I felt for the first time that my professors viewed me not as a mere student but as a young scholar, as a participant in the grand tradition of the humanities. Soon ideas of law school appeared as distant memories. Through the comparative literature program, I discovered that my true passion lies in the study of literature.

In this regard, the department prepared me well for the future. It gave me everything that I required, including its excellent honors program, in order to become a strong candidate for graduate school in the humanities. Since leaving Dartmouth in 2007, I have been pursuing a Ph.D. in French literature at Yale University. Every day, what I learned at Dartmouth helps me build the foundation of my career in academia.