Comparative Literature Master of Arts Program

The Comparative Literature Master of Arts Program is a one-year interdisciplinary program
that approaches literary study from a variety of theoretical and interpretative perspectives.
More than 25 members from different departments actively participate in the program,
including Middle Eastern Studies, Asian Societies, Cultures and Languages, Classics,
English, Film and Media Studies, German Studies, French and Italian, Russian, and
Spanish and Portuguese. The special focus of the M.A. is both to give graduate students
the methodological, cultural, linguistic, and pedagogical training they need for advanced
work in Comparative Literature and to encourage them to pursue their independent
research interests.

The aim of our Master in Comparative Literature is to provide the tools necessary for Ph.D.
study or for professional careers in translation, teaching, publishing, and international
studies, among others.

The Master of Arts Program offers the opportunity for in-depth work with a tutor, intense
course work in Comparative Literature, upper division courses, intensive languages
training, and broad-based theory and methodology courses. The program embraces both
close attention to languages and broader inquiry into the relationship between literature
and other disciplines, such as visual and performing arts, philosophy, history, the social
sciences, religion, music and even sciences. Our M.A. also provides the students with ample
opportunity to study literature and culture from a wide array of perspectives. Among
those are rhetoric and poetics, translation, narratology, and hermeneutics, theories of
ethnic identities, colonial and postcolonial studies, gender and queer theory, psychoanalysis,
and Marxism. We seek innovative and inquisitive scholars who share our passion for languages and cultures,
western and non-western literatures, and for critically thinking about different types of texts
and aesthetic expressions.

Application deadline is January 15th.

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