Comparative Literature Program Graduate Master's Essay Presentations

PANEL I 3:00 PM - 4:50PM

3:00 pm: Introduction: Klaus Mladek 3:05 pm: Moderator: Diego G. Fleitas

3:10 pm: Sage E. Engberg
Hideous Men in the Age of #metoo: On David Foster Wallace, Puig, and the Specter of Misogyny

3:35 pm: Cherrie A. Kandie
Kejeli-ed African Statehood: Back to Africa High on Vibranium

4:00 pm: Yixuan Shi
Riprap of Things: Allures and Ethical Stakes of Visual Reading

4:25 pm: Annabel M. Jankovic
'Two commas with no words, at last, to keep you apart':
Trauma-Induced Convergence of Self and Other in Ru and On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

4:50 - 5:00: Break

PANEL II 5:00 PM - 6:35​ PM

5:00 pm: Moderator: Annabel M. Jankovic​

5:05 pm: Michaela A. Jordan​
Goblin Market: Visuality, Adaptations, and the Price of Transformation​

5:30 pm: Diego G. Fleitas
Cite-Seeing: Parody, Narrative Desire, and Enchanted Castles in Orlando Furioso and Don Quijote​

5:55 pm: Michel H. Klante
Milton, Racine and the Turn Towards Biblical Tragedy: Think​ing history in Athalie and Samson Agonistes

6:20 pm: Klaus Mladek wrap up and thank you

For a copy of the presentation please download the following COLT MA Presentations