Davidson College Awards Marcus Pyle MA '18 Endowed Professor Chair

This week Marcus Pyle (MA '18) received news that Davidson College has awarded me an endowed professor chair. He will be the inaugural Franco Professor of the Humanities, in conjunction with his appointment in the music department. This distinction is a sign of Davidson's commitment as an interdisciplinary scholar. Marcus is humbled and excited to hold the Franco title!

Marcus R. Pyle (MA '18) has accepted the tenure track appointment as Assistant Professor of Musicology at Davidson College. Marcus R. Pyle is currently a Lecturer at Tufts University. He has also served as Visiting Scholar on the Faculty of Music and Theater Arts at MIT, recipient of the Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship from the American Musicological Society, and recipient of the Dean's Dissertation Award from NYU. His research centers on depictions of femmes fatales in French and German fin de siècle opera, intersections of gender and sexuality, continental philosophy, and African American lives and music.

Congratulations Marcus!