James Johnson '21

James Johnson did research in medieval Latin and Italian before eventually focusing his M.A. essay on the didacticism of a twelfth-century Latin story collection called Dolopathos. In addition to the graduate theory seminars and workshops, he took courses on Vergil's Eclogues and Georgics, medieval Latin, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Russian fairy tales, and introductory Arabic. He also served as a TA for two classes, an introductory course on Comparative Literature in the fall (together with the cohort) and the Brothers Grimm and the European folklore tradition in the spring. Despite the challenges of pursuing graduate study during the pandemic, he was fortunate to spend this year at Dartmouth with a wonderful cohort, to work with Professors Nancy Canepa and Monika Otter, and to get invaluable guidance and support from the program's graduate faculty. He plans to devote the coming year to research and study, doctoral applications, publishing, and professional apprenticeships.