How Ukrainian artists are grappling with war

Since September, she has been translating war poetry and other texts from Ukrainian to English as a faculty fellow at Dartmouth.

Now she is bringing a collection of her work to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, alongside two other Ukrainian scholars and translators: Veronika Yadukha and Lada Kolomiyets.

They will present a selection of translated works on Monday evening, as well as a co-curated collection of war posters that show how graphic artists are responding to the war. Many of these artists are living and working in Ukraine, at times without water, power, cell signal, or internet access.

"I'm translating everything related to war to spread the word and to give English voice to Ukrainian poets and writers who reflect their personal experiences and also the collective experience in their creative work," Leliv said.

One of the poets she works with travels to the frontlines of war, giving eyewitness accounts of the destruction and what it's like to live under Russian occupation through what Leliv calls urgent poetry. Leliv views her translating work as a crucial way of spreading those first-hand accounts more widely. She believes poetry and literature offer an emotional and empathetic connection to English-speaking audiences.

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