2023 ATA Literary Translation Student Award

WI23 Literary Translation Workshop - Yevheniia Dubrova - has just won the 2023 ATA Literary Translation Student Award for her translations of poem from Bohdana Matiyash's poetry collection, Your Beloved Dogs and Other Animals (from the Ukranian).

Zhenia produced the first translation drafts of a small selection of the poems in Your Beloved Dogs for the workshop in Winter 2023.  In Spring 2023, Zhenia worked on a translation of the complete collection in an Independent Study with me, while also attending the informal Literary Translation Workshop during the same term.  Members of the informal workshop reviewed drafts and revisions of Zhenia's translations of Matiyash's poems in the Poetry Room of Sanborn Hall. 

This morning, the ATA (American Translation Award) notified Zhenia that she was selected as winner for ATA literary translation prize this year.  The readers and the Board of Directors of the American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation "were unanimous in their decision" to confer the award to Ms. Dubrova. They were enthusiastic about her "impressive" and "charming" treatment of the text, and believed that "its quality merits publication."

Zhenia will receive a monetary award of $500, up to $500 toward expenses for attending the 64th ATA Annual Conference in Miami where she will receive the award in person, a certificate of recognition, and 1-year ATA student membership. (Here are more details about the award.)

Please join us in congratulating Zhenia!