Comparative Literature MA Essay Presentations

The following essays have been published to Digital Commons.

Pumho Karimi
Questioning Modernity's Episteme: A Comparative Literary Analysis Towards Planetary Spiritualism

Danny Meza Keane
Redirecting Rivers and Restoring Forests: Geotransformación and Overcoming Underdevelopment in Socialist Cuba

Lethokuhle T. Msimang
Me and Ms Jones - The Androgyny of Black Women 

Miranda Ochoa Natera
Marvelous Ordinariness: Re-engaging with Realism's Social Function

Aliza Phillips
Star Power: An Analysis of Digital Astrology Content as an Instrument of Political Tractability

Yilu Ren
Transcreation in World of Warcraft's China Localization: Echoes of Poetry across Two Worlds

Sophie Shields
Displaced Ukrainian Writers since 2014, a Postcolonial Perspective

Mikayla Walker
Mending Wounds: A Reparative Feminist Analysis of the Japanese Film Series Guinea Pig

Phoenix Guqing Wang
Troubling Waters: Anthropocene Marine Gothic in 19th-Century Anglo-American Fiction

Wenjun Yang
Reading in the Margins: Cosmopolitan Women Readers in Sijie Dai's Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress and Yoko Tawada's "Persona"

Zihan Zhang
Self-Effacement in Christian Mysticism: A Case Study of Teresa of Ávila and Simone Weil