Jessica Resvick

Before coming to Dartmouth, Jessica completed her undergraduate work at Brown University and the Humboldt University in Berlin, graduating with an Sc.B. in German Studies and Neuroscience. Her honors thesis focused on issues of language and translation in two short stories by the Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann.

Following graduation, she spent a year teaching English at two high schools in Linz, Austria. While at Dartmouth, Jessica has completed coursework mainly in the German Department, and hopes to use the spring term to pursue her interests in Russian literature.

Her current research examines futurity, memory, and temporal deferral in Walter Benjamin's "Moscow" and Vladimir Nabokov's "A Guide to Berlin."

She is interested in intertextualities in the broadest sense – understood as dialogues between authors and cultures, whether through letter writing, translation, explicit textual references, or cultural transfer in more general terms.

Jessica has worked as a TA for Russian 13 (Slavic Folklore), and will work as a TA for German 13 ("Beyond Good and Evil") in the spring term. After completing her M.A., she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in German Studies.