Andrew Leong ’03

After graduating from Dartmouth in 2003, I entered the Ph. D. program in comparative literature at UC Berkeley. Majoring in comparative literature under wonderful mentors (Lawrence Kritzman, Laurence Davies, Amy Hollywood, Irene Kacandes, John Kopper) gave me a firm foundation to pursue graduate study. The rigorous linguistic training promoted by the comparative literature program lent me the confidence necessary to learn three new languages - Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese - and also prepared me for several years of study, research and travel in East Asia and Latin America. My translation of two novels originally published in the 1920s by Japanese immigrant writer Nagahara Shoson will be released in Spring 2011 through Kaya Press as a single volume, Lament in the Night. I am currently finishing my dissertation, The Stillness of the Migrant: Japanese American Vernaculars in Print (1890-1938).