Undergraduate Alumni

Alumni News

Madeline Sims '12 wins Jonathan B. Rintels Prize for the Class of 2012 for her thesis "Christine De Pizan: Reshaping the Past with her Pen."

Emily Kane wins Jonathan B. Rintels Prize for the Class of 2010 for her thesis "Unveiled Stories: Desire, Representation and Resistance in Feminist Counter-Cinema."


Class of 2014

  • Pedro Hurtado Ortiz
  • Olumayowa Willoughby


Class of 2013

  • Andrew Huh
  • Naomi Elias
  • Chunghang J. Lee (Hispanic Studies major modified with COLT)
  • Alexis C. Monroe
  • Krista C. Oehlke
  • Chanon Praepipatmongkol


Class of 2012

  • Mihret Getabicha (English major modified with COLT)
  • Hilary C. Krutt
  • Maxwell A. Moran
  • Renee L. Phillip
  • Madeline L. Sims (COLT Major modified with Medieval & Renaissance Studies)


Class of 2010

  • Abigail R. Alexander
  • Hermanjit S. Bajwa
  • Sam Sally Cha (Sociology major modified with COLT)
  • Catherine E. Conneally (Linguistics major modified with COLT)
  • Emily K. Kane '04
  • Alexander J. Lambrow
  • Maya C. Nathan